Patching Guide

Checking out the source

The Subversion repository resides at, so checking out the current trunk can happen with a command like: svn co

Creating a patch

Tickets are fine, but patches are great. If you want to change something in mailr or fix a bug you've run across, there's no faster way to make it happen than to do it yourself. mailr thrives on the contributions of the many contributors all around the world. Please do become one of them.

  1. Get mailr ready for patching
  2. Make a test-driven change
    • Add or change unit tests that would prove that your change worked.
    • Make the change to the source
    • Verify that all existing tests still work as well as all the new ones you added by running rake
  3. Share your well-tested change
    • Create a diff with your changes: svn diff > my_properly_named_patch.diff
    • Please note: Running the diff command from the root of your mailr install eases the main developers jobs since they don't need to bother with changing into subdirectories when applying it
    • Create a new ticket with [PATCH] as the first word in the summary and upload (not paste) your diff.
    • Keep an eye on your patch in case there are any reservations raised before it can be applied.
  4. Bask in the glory of being a mailr contributor!

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